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Plastic Value Chain Agreement

The value chain agreement forms a specific contribution to the cabinets’ and various parties’ shared societal aim to transform our economy into a circular economy by means of a green growth strategy. The agreement will form a link between existing and new activities, guide the Parties’ activities and specific Green Deals that have been signed and implemented or yet to be signed, and guide the relevant top sectors’ innovation contracts. Other parties are also very welcome to join in with this initiative – even after signing – so long as they wish to and are able to contribute to the realisation of this value chain agreements’ objectives.

This agreement links the activities of Parties that wish to promote the fact that plastics and plastic products contribute to a sustainable society, that wastage of raw materials is being prevented, and that plastic waste is prevented – however small – from ending up in the environment and encouraging the collection and responsible processing of whatever plastics do end up or have ended up in the environment. The following four sub-objectives will thereby be employed:

  • More sustainable products on the market (reduce, replace, redesign)
  • Widespread implementation of sustainable value chain earnings models (circular business models, renew)
  • More sustainable use (reduce, reuse) of products and materials
  • More and improved recycling (renew, recycle: collection, sorting, processing and reuse of materials)

Please download the full agreement. Information on the website is mostly provided in Dutch, for more information you can sent an e-mail to

Be part of the EU Strategy on Plastics

An opportunity that should not be missed! You can contribute to this conference with your expertise to close the loop on plastics products.

Plastics have become an integral part of our daily lives, bringing improvements, convenience and cost savings. Plastics are highly versatile materials and have helped to shape our economies in the past century. While delivering many benefits, plastics also account for numerous complex issues.

Encouraging circular design of sustainable plastic products and services, collection and recycling of plastic waste, reducing the use of micro plastics and cleaning up marine litter. A lot of challenges remain. Optimizing plastics manufacturing, use, recycling and disposal is crucial. We can and must jointly tackle these issues, at an international level.

With dedicated people and experts from the entire plastics value chain, we will come together for two days to align interests and create real circular breakthroughs, which will be incorporated in the EU Strategy on Plastics.

This conference is about innovation, passion and collaboration. What are your aspirations and what do you need to accomplish them? You can play a key role in accelerating this transition. With numerous stakeholders ranging from international organizations and government officials, to NGO’s, the plastics industry and research community, we will strive to create the right conditions to close the plastics loop.

Date December 8th and 9th, 2016


RDM Rotterdam, The Netherlands (former submarine wharf where great thinking and doing meet each other)
Key role The Dutch Minister for the Environment, Sharon Dijksma
Moderator  Peter Woodward


The European Conference on Plastics is organized by parties from the Plastic Value Chain Agreement in close cooperation with the European Commission.

Save the date and be prepared for a strategic and multi-stakeholder conference!

For further information, please view the website.